You GOTTA love when BM bitches that she wants us to enroll AND take the kids to more activities, like swimming (which is virtually impossible as we both work…NOT to mention financially), and when we finally say we will give up our other activity on our midweek visitation so that the kids can get back to swimming (…I failed to mention that they couldn’t re-enroll with her as she was fraudulently submitting receipts to the government to get money back and causing grief at the pool with all the staff)…she THEN miraculously has put them back into swimming!

DH texts BM today to ensure that SS#2 WILL be registered into Kindergarten on Monday for the next school year…and she says he is accounted for, but not registered. WTF does that mean?? UGGGG On top of that, she then asks DH if he can take the kids to swimming lessons tonight for her. Like really??? My husband works VERY early shifts and it’s HARD for him to do extra things with the kids as it is…NOT that he minds at all…he wants to….and if he is off early enough and doesn’t have a 3am start the next day (or earlier)…he does it. But he is usually in bed between 7 & 8pm for his work. Of course, here is Ms THANG passing the buck to him again so that she is free to do what she wants and rid herself of the kids for another night. SS#1 is back on the same train again with stating that “Mommy is never around and I get no time with her”….what is WRONG with this woman? Can’t she see what we see?

SS#1 even asked DH the other day if he could get more time with him….another sign that he is crying out for parental attention and time. UGGGG this woman in oblivious to ANYONE but herself…oh, but of COURSE…she is THE best Mother in the world that does everything for her kids and is ALWAYS there for them no matter what…YEAH. Right.

Some days I just want to SCREAM…..or beat someone around the head with my shoe.



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