The Inner World Of The Psychopath

Started my newest book last week…although I have only made it to Chapter 6 due to time constraints…

“The Inner World of The Psychopath” by Steve Becker LCSW is so easy to read and understand. There are so many grey areas and misconceptions on the diagnosis of people with personality disorders; narcissism, psychopathy or sociopathy that this has really helped me and opened my eyes even more to the behaviors that I once only contemplated to be correct but that I now know to be true characteristics of our BM.

Here is an excerpt;

“In their audacity, psychopaths will tend to contemplate actions that would leave the rest of us feeling very uncomfortable or scared as exciting challenges, less to be feared than as opportunities to display their wits, daring, and capacity to evade the most perilous cliffs of accountability.

The psychopath’s grandiosity, which we’ll elaborate ahead, is very much linked to his audacity. The psychopath tends to believe he can pull off pretty much anything – escape predicament, “get over” on anyone (or any system), or dodge accountability for anything he’s done, even when he finds himself cornered with no realistic escape hatches. The psychopath, in this sense, tends to perceive himself as endowed with an unlimited resourcefulness on which he can rely to extricate himself from  virtually any jam.

Psychopaths tend to view themselves as having “Houdini-Like” powers they experience as conferring a certain immunity from limits and accountability. In this regard, the psychopath tends to operate from a premise of his superiority that might render him shocked and, of course, outraged to find himself having actually been forced to “fold a deck” he believed that he could play, to his advantage, indefinitely.”

The above hits the nail on the head with regard to the grandiose way that BM lives and spends money that she will claim to everyone else that she doesn’t have. She needs to have the best of the best (that she can get or attain, but STILL believes she is the victim). The demeanor to which she believes she can say ANYTHING…even admitting true facts…as she believes….and knows, she will get away with it only proves our beliefs.

When the people in someone’s life are used merely for the benefit of said person, whether it is their children, family, exes, friends or associates, they are simply the pawns in the psychopathic narcissists fantasies. They surround themselves with those who will support their facades….even believe their facades, as they are so charming and believable.

I am sick of thinking “How does she get away with this or that”…”Why does everyone believe her”…..”Why does she get so aggressive and go into fits of rage when she gets ‘caught out’ or ‘out in her place’…..

There is SOME solace in knowing that she is a psycho….but not much hope that the law….lawyers….justice system/judges…will EVER see this, and if they do….do NOTHING about it.







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