And the Saga Continues……

It NEVER ceases to amaze me how much certain people…ok, ok….”a” certain person….gets away with.

I just happened to fall privy to some information (which NEVER happens!) regarding hubby’s ex and how she had been trashing their (my husband and her) company that handles the RESPs for the children.

She was ranting and raving about how “he” was still on the accounts and that they needed his signature for her to be able to do anything. Of course, as the oh-so-charming narcissistic psycho does…she has a whole entourage of followers backing her up….mutually trashing the company and my husband (why…I have NO idea).

She has them so far up her own ass that none of them “clicked” to the fact that if they needed a signature from my husband then she was OBVIOUSLY up to no good and trying to obtain funds from their accounts without his knowledge!! UGGGGG!!!

Now….to be clear….My husband’s income(s) whilst they were together (after the kids were born) was the ONLY contributing income to those RESPs for just under 4 years. Since their split, he has NOT contributed to THAT account, but we have our own funds set up for the children.

She openly “advertises” that she is contributing to these still….NOW….if she is, HOW is she? She apparently can’t afford to survive and needs spousal support from us….. remember? (Note..if you follow my blog then you will recall that this poor wretch is SO broke that she has a $60,000 car, just reno’ed the whole house, new leather couches, new roof on the house…bought the kids ATV’s, has her nails done every couple of weeks and smokes like a chimney etc. etc.).

Did NO ONE once think…why were you trying to access your kids EDUCATION FUNDS? What slime-ball does that….let alone when you didn’t contribute to half of it. How is it that SO many find it SO easy to follow…believe…respect and support “separated moms” no matter WHAT they say or do that is so obviously outrageous?


Anyhow, we spoke to the company and they ASSURED us that she would NOT be able to withdrawn ANYTHING or make ANY changes to them without his approval/signature. We received the new password to access the website (as she had changed it) and we are having copies of the statements sent to us for our files to see exactly what is going on.

Never a dull moment……EVER…





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