Handling Holiday Stress….

Set yourself up for success by adjusting your expectations and preparing for the unexpected.

1. Expect the unexpected. Keep in mind that when you’re dealing with 2 households and extended family, anything can happen. It’s OK if plans get changed without your consent. When you start to feel the anxiety increasing and the frustration bubbling up, excuse yourself and take 5 minutes to calm your mind and body. This simple grounding meditation will physiologically calm you, restoring your sense of peace and enabling you to use the part of your brain where logic lives. (Or have a glass of wine! lol)

2. Have a support system on call. Because holidays can magnify the feeling of aloneness in a step-family, have your favorite people on call just in case you need to feel connected. You can slip away to text, call or Skype with them.

3. This too shall pass. After you’ve taken a moment to scream in your car, beat on a pillow or cry your eyes out (it’s healthy to release your emotions), remind yourself that it’s just a day. Remind yourself that feeling like a family can take years and that it won’t always be like this. Remind yourself that no matter what happens or how plans fall through, tomorrow the sun will rise. (Install a kickboxing or sparring bag somewhere just for you for these moments…works wonders!!!)

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