“What does a difficult ex-wife look like?”

Re-Post from my old blog back in January 2015

This is a post from one of my favorite gals…the amazing and down to earth, Jenna Korf. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t come across her by chance. She has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to me in my daily battles! Click the link at the bottom for more info relating to the post. 😉

Re-Blog from Jenna Korf: “What does a difficult ex-wife look like?”

What does a difficult ex-wife look like?

Posted on January 27, 2015

I talk a lot about dealing with difficult ex-wives, so what exactly do I mean by difficult?

This is what I mean:

They only have one story; a story where they’re the victim and you’re the attacker. And their story only has one ending: them winning and you losing.  They’re not interested in a win-win. In fact, they’re not even capable of it.

They’ll always have an excuse or justification for their behavior, while attacking you for yours. And projecting their own behaviors and beliefs onto you is a way of life for them.

They’re also incapable of taking personal responsibility for anything in their life. Yet they will insist that they do – usually while blaming you for something. They will make you responsible for every single bad thing that has ever happened to them. They will blame you for every bad choice they’ve ever made and every bad consequence they’ve ever experienced. They will tell you a perfectly delusional story of how it’s all your fault. One that they believe with every fiber of their being.

There is no getting through to these people. There is no rationalizing or reasoning with them. And they do not see themselves like this. In fact, they’re not capable of seeing themselves like this. They’re not capable of seeing their actual behavior. They’re not being mean or moody, there is legitimately something wrong with them.  From what I’ve read, these people usually have a mental disorder or at the very least, a personality disorder.

This is why I always advocate to protect yourself from these people. Let them live in their own conflict-filled bubble while you remain happy and healthy.

For excellent information and tips on how to deal with these difficult people, read It’s all your fault: 12 tips for managing people who blame others for everything. 

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