Ahhh Memories From Early 2015….

Re-post from my old blog site from earlier this year….Ahhh the memories! 😉

Ohhh the JOYS of another wonderful visitation weekend…..

Well our weekend was ANOTHER one of drama…..


There is nothing like doing BM a favor and letting her have the kiddos home early for Palm Sunday service yesterday and even dropping them off to save her picking them up, to then be greeted with the good ole psycho-narcissist personality returning after a short lull.

The youngest SS (who is WELL behind with potty training thanks to BM) had an awesome day on Saturday with successful potty trips! Especially with the #2’s! One whilst out fishing and one at home! He finally NAILED it! We were sooo proud, you have NO idea! lol He squealed with delight “I’m a BIG boy now right Smommy?!?” OMGness….it was awesome. We have been trying to potty train him for over a year on our own, but when you don’t have two households working together it was destined to fail, especially when we have them so little.

Anyhow, it was Sunday morning and we were getting ready to rush out the door to get the kids back to BM’s house and my littlest SS had ONE oopsie in his undies. He was already bummed out and embarrassed that he made a mistake…..and although we re-assured him that it was no big deal to have an accident when he is learning, you could see he was distressed. Both boys did NOT want to go home yesterday AT ALL.

So, we didn’t have time to clean his undies as it was so last minute and we are NEVER EVER permitted to keep ANYTHING of hers, (even if it was to clean them), so we wrapped them up and returned them in a bag. Sent him home in one of his favorite pairs of Mickey Mouse underoos. When we arrived Hubby told her how awesome he did on the Saturday but that he had a mistake before we left and she went absolutely AWOL. And I mean CRAZY. Yelling, cursing, screaming and storming from the house.

She runs out into the driveway where I was sitting in our car, (she was half dressed and with a towel on her head….), and proceeded to wipe the dirty underwear/bag all over my side of the windscreen before running back into the house! ALL of this in front of the kids, the neighbors….anyone that happened to be in the vicinity….as usual. Just embarrassing, ridiculous, uncalled for and with TOTAL disregard for her children who she left on the front lawn/porch watching the ‘show’.

I feel for those kids SO much. If there is a God PLEASE let her get help. P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

I don’t know if it was coincidental that this was the first time in WEEKS that I had actually come with Hubby to drop off the kids, but we had errands to run so this morning we changed our routine to save a ‘back-track’ trip to pick me up. I had previously made a conscious decision to withdraw from the pick-ups/drop-offs in the past as it ‘appeared’ to set her off even more, and I wanted to take the attention away from me…for everyone’s sakes. I want and need to just remain “in the background”.

Did “I” set her off by simply being in the car? I tell myself that NO….she is volatile. You never know what you are going to get from one day to the next….heck…from one hour to the next.

My eldest SS didn’t even want to leave the car (BEFORE any of the above had even happened!). He didn’t want to go home (neither of them did). He didn’t to go to his Palm Sunday service at all as he wanted to have his weekend with Daddy, with us. I reassured him that it would be ok and that he had to help his little brother and partake in the service with his Mommy and their family. It’s a part of what they do and it’s important. They have been SO clingy lately, and even moreso with me. They have always been very close to me, but lately, they have been all over me lately like chocolate sauce on a sundae! Which I of course love, but it just makes you wonder even more what is happening in their little minds and hearts….what is happening in their ‘main’ home….

Of course, the psychotic-narcissist believes she is totally in the right with her behavior, that she has done no wrong to anyone…including her children.

Heaven help us all……



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