A Day In The Life……BonusParents Step Up To The Plate…AGAIN

A re-post from my old blog site in February 2015

A Day In The Life……Bonus Parents Step Up To The Plate…AGAIN

Just another “day in the life”…..

So, yesterday my hubby gets a call from BM asking if he can do a load of kids laundry (“I” am never part of the equation in her eyes…so it’s never “can you guys” or “can she”….) as they ‘don’t have any washers’. No explanation, just the request.

My hubby is automatically on the defense, wanting to tell her to go to the laundromat like most people would…which is totally a fair response….however, when he mentioned it to me I said that of course we would do it for her seeing how it was for the kids. In my eyes, they not only deserve, but need clean clothes for school and their activities so I have NO problem doing that or even helping out. I am never going to put myself in a position to be further demeaned or ridiculed….so hey….bring it on sista!

I told hubby to advise her that I would do this for her (as hubby was working late) but also told him that if she was to make a fuss or cause problems in any way, then and ONLY then, he could tell her to hit the laundromat.

So, it ended up working out OK. She accepted the offer, he picked it up at her place and I did the load, folded it all neatly (although she told me not to….sorry lady…’homey don’t play that way’!) and then she came to collect it.

Even although I have struggled through all of this (the negative triangle that exists) and found out some absolutely HORRIBLE things that she has said about me to my husband, people and the children, it still feels good to do a good deed…for anyone….even if it isn’t reciprocated or appreciated. Our feelings are that all that we can do is attempt to be decent…be good…be happy. Hopefully, one day it will go full circle and Karma….she IS a bitch….  🙂

My hubby came upstairs after BM collected her laundry and said “WOW babe. She actually told me to tell you ‘Thank You’”…..”and she actually used your NAME!” (she normally calls me any number of derogatory names). I was shocked but not as pleased as I perhaps thought I would be with this news….unfortunately for us, the civil version of BM never lasts long.

At the end of the day, I felt good. The kids will go to school in clean clothes….just as when they leave us on the weekends they return to BM in her clothes, laundered by me as soon as they get to our house. Sure…it’s definitely extra work…but for the kids, it’s worth it.

Happy Step-Parenting!!!!  🙂


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