20 Behaviors or Feelings a Target Parent May Experience…

20 Behaviors or Feelings a Target Parent May Experience:

  1. Recurrent, intrusive, upsetting memories of traumatic events of the alienation. Distressing flashbacks.
  2. Avoiding distressing memories, thoughts, feelings, and even external reminders of events related to the alienation or continuing rejection by your child.
  3. Negative Mood or Thoughts.
  4. Difficulty controlling emotions.
  5. Difficulty concentrating, remembering things, poor attention.
  6. Irrational problem solving.
  7. Arousal – or the “flight” part of “flight or fight” which can be part of sleep disturbances and hyper-vigilance.
  8. Staying upset for a prolonged period of time after being exposed to the trauma-related reminders (e.g., people, conversations, places, objects, conversations, activities).
  9. Feeling alienated from others, whether detachment or estrangement.
  10. Exaggerated startle response.
  11. Uncontrollable rage and anger.
  12. Constant fear and anguish.
  13. Paranoia.
  14. Avoidance of the aggressor.
  15. Avoidance of the children.
  16. Distancing themselves from everyone around them.
  17. Putting up walls to protect themselves.
  18. Obsessive compulsive issues.
  19. Over-exaggerated responses.

 Note: Some might argue that the Favored Parent also suffers from some of the characteristics of PTSD, with their primary trauma being the loss of the marriage. Exhibiting any of the behavioral or emotional symptoms from above is not necessarily a way to differentially diagnose a Target Parent from a Favored Parent.



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