Part 5 – Stepmom Transformation: “Self Care”

I have finally gotten through the last module of my Stepmom Transformation mini course through Jenn Korf and am just waiting to sit down with hubby and get his input and answers on a few things before I finalize each one and it’s done!

Feeling good about it!

Between that and starting back at blogging, embarking on a support group….I am doing better.

It will all take time, and a lot of it. This I know…but I will get there, slow and sure wins the race.

Saturday will get some more reading done whilst the kiddos and hubby are out and Grandma and Grandpa helping them with furniture installs at their new place, so I will get some “me-time” to get this shit done…..AFTER a pedicure with my Mom! lol

Take the time for YOU!


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