Hubby Power….

After an excruciatingly busy work day yesterday on little sleep due to my back (threw it out last week) I come home to dishwasher emptied and reloaded, clean dishes that were also in the sink put away, pets fed, dinner started and a couple of errands run. NICE.

Makes SUCH a difference for me when I don’t feel that I have to “do it all” ALL the time.

So, thank you Husband….your love and help is always so much appreciated. 🙂

I am starting to feel bad that I haven’t kept  up with my “homework” studies the last few days, so, tonight I will have to get back at it and finish off the last couple of Modules of my Stepmom Transformation course. I have a couple more early childhood development psycho-educational workshops coming up but other than that I want to start doing some community research into REAL support and support groups for Step-Moms…eventually all Step-Parents. Get some movement going out here with regard to that, seeing as how there certainly is a huge lack out here in Canada.

Time for some brainstorming….but for now…back to work.

Love you Boo… x


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