So, You Want to Become a Marriage and Family Therapist? 8 Items to Consider

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Life has been rather busy for us lately, and I have finally found a few minutes to get back to writing again. The U.S. World News & World Report wrote that by 2022, the occupation of marriage and family therapy will grow by 30.6 percent, and this is significantly faster than the average for all other occupations.  It also ranks marriage and family therapy as #16 of best jobs in healthcare and #35 of the best 100 jobs.  Wow!

Recently, I have been thinking about was advice I would give to someone considering becoming a marriage and family therapist. You will need a masters level graduate degree.  Here is what I came up with:

#1 Stage of Life

It is important to consider where you are in life when starting such an intense and personal degree. If you are experiencing a major life change, it might not be a good…

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