Part II – Stepmom Transformation: “Boundaries” Module

Part II – Stepmom Transformation: “Boundaries” Module

Well, I just completed my second module for my Stepmom Transformation mini course from Jenna Korf. Going to start on Module 3 tonight as well.

On a side note, I started reading “No One’s The Bitch” by Jennifer Newcomb Marine and Carol Marine. Seems like it will be good. I DO NOT EVER foresee a relationship with BM, however, this book will still bring good information to me to follow through with in our lives. Never any harm from learning as much as you can about situations and “the other side” of the story to get perspective….and there is no shame in having hope in life for yourself and for others.  😉

This week will be a busy one so I MAY not be around as much as previous. I have my ECD workshop at Lapointe Developmental Clinic on Tuesday evening, Beaver Scouts Halloween party on Wednesday and Friday I am off work and watching my husband do a flight lesson (bought it for his birthday this summer) in the morning and then heading downtown in the afternoon to catch a psychic show with my Mom which will be amazing.

We then have a weekend without the kiddos, so it will be some serious Smommy/Daddy time!!!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!


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