Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation

Social Media is going to Kick Parental Alienation’s Ass. Source: Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation

Source: Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation


4 thoughts on “Kick Parental Alienation’s @$$ – A Case for Parental Alienation

  1. This is so difficult to deal with. My fiance does have shared parenting so he does get to see his son. However she has gone as far as to tell her son he is betraying her when he does stuff with the two of us. One night she called him at 1:30 in the morning to tell him all about the email his father (my fiance) sent him. She’s threatened to commit suicide, sign over her parental rights, drop her son off naked at our home so we can “deal with everything.” And she has said all of this to her son! She has also told my fiance that she does this because she knows using their son is the only way she can hurt him and get what she wants out of him. She talks to her son about things you shouldn’t talk to a child about and then tells their son to not tell his dad what they talked about. How do we end the emotional abuse? I hate seeing this 13 year old boy go through this!


    1. PA comes in FAR too many forms and dealing with what you are is certainly part of it. It’s NOT just being alienated physically it’s about being alienated PERIOD. A Grandparent that doesn’t get up to date pictures of her grandchild…that is a form of PA. I can TOTALLY relate to what you are both going through and YES its hell. YES she should not be saying or doing what she is to her son. But realistically, SHE is doing it…NOT you two. If he doesn’t know already he will soon that she is damaging to herself, him and you guys. It’s not easy. It feels like hell almost every day…but you can’t change or reason with OR help a narcissist. We have dealt with the same scenarios and it’s take me 4 years to figure that I HAD to find a better way for US. My marriage and my sanity is more important than her. Yes the kids are important but you HAVE to be able to somewhat compartmentalize and deal with kids when they are there and when they are not it’s just YOU TWO. Surviving this together and making it to the altar is pivotal and you want to keep your relationship afloat….stable….happy. no matter HOW much you want to change someone or help them or the kids or be there…you CAN’T do it all. You are not the Mother at the end of the day. As dramatic and messed up as she may be right now she is his Mom. You? You are simply a very important adult figure in his life that chose to love him. “They” ALL know that they can use the kids as pawns as any decent Father DOES do what he can to have those kids in his life. They KNOW he is good no matter how much she may call him every name under the sun. So, take shelter in knowing you are NOT the only one and you are doing the best you can. You WILL get through this. STAY STRONG

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