I need a new laptop……BAD

Last night I started in on my 3rd Module, got half way through it and then signed out for the night after saving all of my documents pertaining to my homework.

Went to file everything in a specific folder for easy access and realized that the Module 3 was missing. Looked everywhere and it was missing….gone…or never saved after all, I dunno. My laptop has been on the blitz for the past year and I think it’s finally given up the ghost. SUPER bummed. Ugggg. So, I will have to re-do that module tonight…heaven help me. I need a new laptop/mac book BADLY. Even both of my tablets have given up on me. This does not bode well for me right now. LOL!!

So, other than hopping on at work for the occasional update, things will likely be a little slower, depending on my workload!

Have a good week everyone!


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