Skirts at War

Soooo excited to FINALLY see this also arrive at me door today!! Looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one also! Jenna Korf is the second author of this book and who I am doing some preliminary stepmom workshops with before embarking on my stepmom/stepfamily coach sessions 🙂



4 thoughts on “Skirts at War

    1. Well honestly I have found it quite hard. For the few there are I haven’t found them good. So I found someone out of town and you can do video counselling etc. Not ideal but you do what you can. I’m going to be doing my training to be come a step-parent/family coach but wont be done that until Spring. Where are you situated?


  1. Well I can tell you to contact my coach & eventually trainer and she should be able to set you up with someone in your area. STEPMOMHELP.COM. is her website and is the co author and author of two books and is amazing and down to earth. JENNA KORF based in California I believe and will be able to tell you if she has someone in your area or perhaps help. She is sweet and down to earth. She has been through what we have. Good luck


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