Part I – Stepmom Transformation – “Defining Your Role”

Finished Module I of the Stepmom Transformation series last night and collaborated with my husband at the end.

Went well and quicker than I thought! lol

“Defining Your Role” complete!

On to the next module when it arrives!


3 thoughts on “Part I – Stepmom Transformation – “Defining Your Role”

  1. This picture really connected with me! As a stepmom, we do everything a biological mother does.. and then some, but really, you can just go ahead and butt out because you’re not their ‘real’ mother! I honestly feel that it takes a bigger heart and a stronger woman to love another man’s children. It’s often hard to find a happy medium to where your needs (stepmom) aren’t being neglected. So put a smile on your face and fight through the tears… You can do it!! It’s worth it! And remember, nothing is permanent.

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    1. Oh my, that is so on target for me. I agree with BonnieBleigh it can be painful but doesn’t have to be. I sometimes felt that I was in a no-win situation. Here is what I have observed in successful blended families, two of them actually being our son’s and daughter’s. Talk over issues with your husband in a positive manner coming from a place of concern. You and your husband get and stay on the same page with regard to the children and decide on discipline together. Never let the children see problems between you and your husband. Often, if they get their finger in the crack, they will do what they can to make it into a chasm. It isn’t anything against you, its just a way of ensuring that they don’t lose their place in their dad’s life. Make sure your husband supports you and shows respect for your position. No matter how hard it gets, never let them see you sweat. I made all the mistakes you can make and I made it through. Yet, I am taking a vacation. Whew!

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