Part I of my Home-Study ………………………..

Today I purchased the first leg of my journey to self discovery as a Step-Mom.

A five session/module to start me on my way to a better understanding of myself as a step-parent and defining myself mentally, emotionally and even physically within my family and relationship dynamic.

Stepmom Transformation: A home-study program by Jenna Korf

This is a comprehensive home-study program created to help you master skills essential to stepmom success.

“I did this program with my husband. We found the assignments so helpful that we filed them away because we want to do them yearly.” – Chrissy

How Does it Work?

You’ll receive a total of 5 modules with one module being emailed to you each week. This will prevent you from experiencing information overload and will provide you time to work through the exercises in each module. (If you’re an overachiever you can request to have all modules sent together ;))

This program will help you:

  • Get clear on exactly what your role is – learn how to integrate into your step-family and when to step back.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from unwanted behavior and deal with a high-conflict ex.
  • Discover the importance of values in relationships and learn how to honor yours and your partner’s.
  • Learn what’s likely going on in your partner’s mind, how to better communicate and resolve conflict with your partner.
  • Start taking better care of yourself and honoring your needs, resulting in a stronger sense of self, a higher level of confidence and increased self-love – AKA a happier you!

What’s Included?

Each module contains valuable information, real-life examples and written exercises designed to help you resolve your issues, facilitate your growth and increase your personal power, resulting in a happier you.

“I gained a lot of tools from this program that I can use when my step-family situation challenges, that would otherwise be very difficult to get through. I feel guided to a better and happier me.” – Erica

What is my role?Module 1: What is my role?

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this module is designed to help you get clear on what your role as a stepmom is. It will help you figure out what you want that role to look like and ultimately how you want to show up for your stepchildren. It will also help you explore any beliefs that may be blocking you from being your authentic self.

Healthy boundariesModule 2: Boundaries

Tired of being treated like a doormat? Do you often agree to things that you’d rather say no to? Do you feel attacked by the ex-wife or disrespected by your step-kids? Boundaries help you protect yourself from unwanted behavior. They also teach others how to treat you.  In this module you’ll learn how to create and enforce healthy boundaries so you feel protected and empowered and overall happier than you’ve ever been.

ValuesModule 3: Values

When you’re not living in alignment with your personal values, internal (and external) conflict is inevitable. This module will help you clarify your values and teach you how to honor those values so you’re living a more satisfying life. This module will also provide you with tools to help you and your partner resolve conflict that was seemingly un-resolvable.

Communicating with menModule 4: Men and Communication

This module is full of tips on how to effectively communicate with men. It contains information on what your partner is likely experiencing as a divorced dad, the difference between men and women and how to use those differences to communicate with your partner in a way that will help you resolve conflict. This module is designed to help you get your needs met and better understand and appreciate your partner.

Self CareModule 5: Self Care

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: When you’re not feeling good about yourself, even the smallest of stressors can seem insurmountable. In this module, get ready to reconnect with your inner Goddess! This module is designed to help you understand why making yourself a priority is vital to becoming a happy stepmom. It will help you rediscover the best parts of yourself and give you the strength to move yourself to the top of the priority list – without feeling guilty!


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