Narcissism Navigated

I will have to search through these to find the relevant one for our situation! So many to choose from! We are dealing with a BM with Narcissistic tendencies. I am a stepmom and we deal with drama and chaos almost every day. Legally we have issues as well as personally.

Wendy Powell's Life Coaching

Narcissist_frontcoverWhether you are dating a narcissist, want to leave one, think you might be seeing the signs of having one in your life, want to know how to spot one or protect yourself from one, I have probably written a blog or a book about it. Here is a summary of the most popular posts that I have on this site.

Whether it is the mood swings, the lying, how they mimic you, pretend they are your soul mate, if they are wallowing in self-pity, pretending to be vulnerable or if they have discarded you as a friend or lover  these are the:

 10 Things You Need to Know About Narcissists 

There are always red flags if you happen to be living with a narcissist already and are trying to figure out what is going on. You may have recently been discarded or replaced, humiliated or manipulated, confused by…

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