After a very busy day yesterday at work with meetings and multiple new projects it was BLISS to come home to a peaceful evening, alone, with my hubby.


noun: gratitude
  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

You have to give gratitude EVERY day for the small things. The big things are easy to be thankful for, but the little things that help ease you through every day mean the most.

We had no nasty emails, no nasty calls, no nasty texts, no “drive bys”…..NADA.

It sounds odd perhaps to some, to be grateful….even excited about things like this….BUT, we came home, we walked the dogs, we showered, we cooked together, we ate together we sat down to talk about our day whilst listening to our favorite radio station whilst the rain drizzled down the windows as the evening drew in. THAT was bliss for us. No hassle. Just us time. We take it with open arms whenever we can.

I try to look at things like this….

Most people take for granted the little things such as the above. It’s easy to do, we all get soooo all encompassed with daily life, stress, work etc. that we let the small things pass us by. Us…we go through hell, almost daily….but it has opened our eyes a great deal to the world around us. The world that we used to let just go by without a second thought. The more we go through that is dramatic and chaotic…the MORE we appreciate all that we have, all that we do….those little moments for us, the kids….our families.

Having less that we ever had before has also made us appreciate that we simply just have “something”. It doesn’t need to be “the best” of everything. We teach the children of value and that you appreciate more the things that you do have because you worked hard, or behaved well, to achieve them. We hope that they carry this with them, from our household at least, throughout their lives.

So…this wonderfully rare evening, once we retired upstairs, also allowed me peace of mind and thought to look through some of the courses/training that I am interested in partaking in to further myself with regard to helping step-families in the future. It’s scary….but I think that the good will outweigh the bad. There is little to no support out there for us “steps” and I want to try to change that, even if just a little bit.

I leave you with this…..


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