The Wishing Star Foundation…..

Ok, so I am a huge advocate for supporting local community businesses and The Wishing Star Foundation is no different.

Last year I attended some of their early childhood development workshops for parents/step-parents/care-givers etc. and this year I have just signed up for the other half of them that I was unable to attend last year.

Supporting them, gaining knowledge and in turn receiving support is of huge meaning to me as a step-parent. There is little to no support out there….so….I attend parenting workshops in order to get some of what I need. Hopefully, one day there will be more support out there for us specifically!

For those of you in the Vancouver, BC area that are interested, I HIGHLY recommend Vanessa and her team….amazing, fun, informative and so down to earth it’s incredibly refreshing. See below information on the next round up of courses through The Wishing Star Foundation at the Lapointe Developmental Clinic and sign up FAST!!

Through The Child’s Eyes 2015/2016

The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic proudly presenting a 6-part workshop series: Through the Child’s Eyes with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych. #1856, Ms. Rebecca Mitchell, RCC, and Dr. Jill Haydicky, R. Psych. #2208.

This series is specially created for every “big person” out there – moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, caregivers, teachers – who are invested in the growing up of children. Created and delivered by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Registered Psychologist, experienced dynamic speaker, Ms. Rebecca Mitchell, RCC and Dr. Jill Haydicky, Registered Psychologist, this workshop series is now in its fourth year. Each of the workshops in this series are meant to stir in each participant the wonder of seeing the world Through the Child’s Eyes. Dr. Lapointe firmly believes that if each of us big people can find ourselves looking out at the world, experiencing and knowing the world, and feeling and responding to the world the way a child does, we are infinitely more capable of responding to children in ways that resonate with the science of development. That is, to do right by our children we need to see the world through their eyes.

Each workshop is a “stand-alone” workshop, and does not require participation in any of the previous workshops.

Registration for each workshop in the series is now open! Seating is limited so early registration is strongly encouraged.

Tickets: $20 + GST / person per workshop  |  $30 + GST / parenting couple per workshop


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